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Lucky Turtle Products

Colour Bright Turtle Keychain
$17.00 $15.00
Square Turtle Watch
$35.00 $10.00
Turtel Slap Watch.
$35.00 $10.00
Moving Sparkle Turtle Earrings
$175.00 $160.00
Bouyant Turtle Earrings
$40.00 $35.00
Mid Size Turtle Earrings
$88.00 $80.00
Moving Sparkle Turtle Earrings
$175.00 $160.00
Sparkling Turtle Tee Red
$55.00 $50.00
Sparkling Turtle Tee White with Blue
$56.00 $50.00

Our Story

My first personal exhibition was devoted to myths about the creation of the world. Causing great interest, it traveled half the world. After leaving to live in America, I entered the Seattle Creative Academy with a specialization in graphic design and animation, thereby expanding my creative abilities. After graduation, I actively engaged in design and art.

The history of the creation of the Lucky Turtle brand began in 1998 when I graduated from the Academy in the name of Zhurgenov and began work on my Ph.D. thesis on mythology. One time in a library, I saw an unusual square in one of the books, in which in a certain order the figures in three rows were inscribed. If you stack them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally, the total is the same number every time – 15. I was so surprised that I decided to create a tapestry with this magic square. The canvas was already stretched in the workshop, and I thought, in what shape can this square be fitted? Only a turtle came to my mind.

A classmate saw the work and asked about the legend. I did not understand her then, because I did not know anything about it, it was just the result of my inspiration. She told me an old legend, according to which the turtle brings people happiness. This how Lucky Turtle Brand was born and inspired creation Lucky Turtle Jewelry and accessories.

Our Products

Lucky Turtle Brand knows a strong relationship with customers is the key to any business, and we put the customer experience first! It’s our highest priority. We market and distribute our world-class products through a new, highly connective business model we call Social Retail.

Not too long ago, shopping meant going into a store, choosing a product, and making your purchase. When online retail hit the mainstream, however, it caused a massive shift in the way people shop. You can now buy almost anything without ever leaving your home. In many cities, you can even have fresh groceries delivered within hours to your doorstep! The switch to e-commerce has created explosive growth for so many companies.

Some businesses were simply unable to meet the technical demands of creating an online storefront, or were unable to match fulfillment to demands. But for others, it was a reluctance to believe in the power of people. When your business goes online, the public becomes your new sales force. People believe in the reviews of friends, family, and even complete strangers over the bias of a known employee. Positive changes in life that people experiencing from wearing Lucky Turtle Jewelries attracting good luck in many areas of your life.  

Modern Entrepreneurs

Our Merchandisers form a diverse, supportive community of small business owners in different countries.
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Lifestyle Brand

Exclusively designed in our Lucky Turtle studio + inspired by the world around us and talented artists around the world, each original product tells a story.
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Social Retail

We’re dedicated to empowering women by combining our unique opportunity with the ancient positive energy of numbers.
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