Leila Arts
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Leila Arts

Te language of expression in her art is universal, with goodness, love, and peace being the focus. Leila has a Master’s Degree and ABD in Art from Kazakh National Academy of Art named afer Zhurgenov in Al- ma-aty, the capital of Kazakhstan, and also has a degree in Design and Animation from Seattle Central Creative Academy (2010). Te artist finds that art and design complement each other perfectly. Her latest creations are the result of combination of the two.
Te Lucky Turtle brand, started in 2011, has already attained popu- larity locally and globally. Te first image of the turtle dates back to 1998. Among other pieces of art at Leila’s first exposition of tapestries in Kazakhstan, featured a tapestry with a turtle on it. It was based on an ancient legend that goes like this:
A long, long time ago, a fisherman was sitting by the sea, when he saw a large turtle coming out of the water. Tere were dots in nine squares on her shell. Te fisherman put the number of dots together vertically, horizontally, and diagonally and got number 15, which to him was a unique number. Te discovery of the turtle with these special numbers is thought to have brought a good life to the village where the fisherman
lived. It also brought prosperity and peace to the land.
“I hope you enjoy my work”. – Leila